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White Dog Production Services has provided professional teleprompting services to Atlanta, the Southeast region and to clients in cities in North America for 20 years. We are known for our technical expertise led by our 7 time Emmy award winning owner who works on the technical production side of network broadcasting. Our prompter operators are skilled, experienced and personable the key qualities required for success in this business. When you book us you get the whole team behind you and backup equipment on site at no cost to you. We are committed to making your project a success.

monitors from 6″-17″
indoors or outdoors
presidential stands
telescopic stands
downstage monitors
for jibs
for dolly cameras
for techno cranes
for DSLRs
individuals or groups
on camera reads
public speaking practice

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prompting for any situation

Teleprompting is often seen as a crutch by many people who don’t understand or respect the value it brings to a production. It also can be intimidating to look into a camera and see lines of text scrolling in the reflection on the glass. However, good teleprompter operators can help speakers/talent become comfortable reading a script even to the point of making them feel completely at ease which is the goal.

Unfortunately too many bad experiences with average to less than average prompter operators and companies have contributed to a lack of trust and confidence in what prompting can do to enhance a production. Why spend a lot of time and money shooting great video when the speaker is looking off camera while reading their lines when they should be looking into the lens and speaking directly to the viewer? Or having a speech so long the speaker looks uncomfortable because they are trying to remember the lines and often speak too quickly? In the end the message of the production/client is minimized by the poor production.

Good Teleprompting companies not only have good operators but they have the right equipment. In the prompting world ‘one size’ does not fit all. Cameras come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to fit the production budget and the personal preference of the DOP or camera operator. From DSLRs to high end ‘red cameras’ each situation calls for a different prompter set-up to satisfy the speaker and the DOP. This includes satisfying the needs of a camera attached to specialty items like a track dolly, jib or techno crane.

At White Dog Productions we strive to make your Teleprompting experience successful and trouble free. We know time and money is tight so our goal is to supply and install the right equipment, help the talent when necessary and be invisible to the final product.

The same applies to Public Speaking. We have the right equipment for any situation including telescopic stands that adjust the eyeliner of your speakers whether they are 5′ 2″ or 6’5″. We have done them all.

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